ways my services can be harnessed...

From ceremony to corporate team-building, I have brought my large-scale Earthscape art to many harmonious collaborations. The following are some possibilities. Contact me to dream up the potentials. 

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A budget way to send a short message to send to a loved one. Done on a beautiful beach and photographed via aerial camera. I send you a file of the image suitable for printing and framing.
A huge message and artwork proclaiming your desires in a beautiful setting. 

Team building art making
Creative expression and team-bonding at the beach. A great way to energize the group
Link goes to my group arts site, Open i Arts

Ceremonies, birthdays, gatherings. Its always a good time to bring people together in art-making.
Working with schools and youth groups, integrating into existing  lesson plans or working with ones I have created.

A guided journey into self-transformation, creating a large, personally significant symbol.
From movie backdrops to catalog covers, my artwork has been an element of many projects.
A  changing set of lessons into the underlying nature of my art. I  talk for a bit,  we play with the tools, and then we make some large-scale art!

Mindfulness and internal stillness while at the beach making art.