Transition Artwork Outing

When I began creating my art on the beach, immediately I was faced with the necessity of letting go of all the work I had just done. The temporary nature of the art was a by-product of the using the beach as a canvas, but very soon it came to be a central aspect of the artwork. Every time I make an artwork, I must let it go, often while still working on it. Over the years I have felt the profound impact in my own life from this constant interaction with transition. For me the art is now an opportunity to declare to the universe that the act of participating in beauty, in creating from the heart, is its own reward, for nothing is certain, and nothing can last, despite our fervent desires. The beach art has allowed me to come to terms with this transitory nature of life and to exist in even greater joy in the now as a result.

From this experience and from working with people experiencing loss, I have developed the Transition Artwork Outing. It is specifically for people experiencing loss in their lives, whether sudden or anticipated, recent or long ago. The Transition Artwork Outing gives voice and physical expression to the experience of loss, helping to transform the pain of loss into an internalizing of the gifts and beauty that one was and is present to and part of making in every moment.

The outing is unique for each situation, but in general is an opportunity for those impacted to come together in a beautiful location in the spirit of creating beauty. The outing is part memorial and part celebration. As memorial, we work with family and friends ahead of the event to craft the experience and guide participants prior to coming. The artwork is designed as tribute, with either myself making it or guiding the group to make it. Once finished, Ember, an ordained Universalist minister, can assist in facilitating a ceremony specifically designed for the group involved, incorporating any elements the group would like so that all are guided through a sacred process of coming together. When the ceremony is complete we open the circle and invite the inevitability of change in the form of the ocean reclaiming the artwork.

Some ideas of possible additions to the outing including all participants being given rakes to write personal messages to be carried on the waves and participants bringing personally significant items to be added to the artwork.

The base rate for this outing is $2500 + travel expenses.

What is included:
  • working with the coordinator to design the outing
  • working with the coordinator to develop the artwork to be made
  • guided activities leading up to the event to prepare participants
  • artwork creation facilitation
  • non-denominational, universalist ceremony
  • aerial photos
  • timelapse video
Size of the group: We can work with any size group. As it gets beyond 15 participants, it is no longer feasible to include everyone in the art making. But there is no limit to the number of people who can be part of the ceremony.